Grand Matcha Experiment T's$25.00

Make a new type of fashion statement with the DōMatcha T-shirt - saying that you care about health, fitness, and making a difference!

If you've been following our Final Four through the Grand Matcha Experiment, you'll know that these four intrepid athletes have been pushing the limits to see if matcha could benefit their athletic performance (it has!). 

We're excited to introduce the new Grand Matcha Experiment Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Net proceeds from the T's benefit youth athletic groups and charities selected by our Final Four Athletes:

The Cabbagetown Youth Center, in Heather's hometown (Final Four boxer)
The Newmarket Huskies, where Geoff coaches 11-14 year olds (Final Four cross country) 

DōMatcha's Final Four are competitive amateur athletes who have been integrating matcha into their regimens and sharing their experiences. So far they've noted many improvements in their performance, including increased focus, energy, and stamina, giving them the competitive edge they need.

Whether donning your T after a brutal 10K run or to a casual dinner party, show your support for health and athletics by wearing one of these stylish, sporty shirts.

Pictured: Men's Large and Women's Medium.

Grand Matcha Experiment T's